Saturday, October 24, 2020


I provide a wide variety of writing services. Whether you are looking for print or online text, I can write content suited for each medium.

I know how to transform complex information into plain language for media advisories, information sheets, articles, blogs and social media posts. 
I use clear and concise plain language, so a wide audience can benefit from the information.

My writing starts before the blank page. After confirming the topic, scope and audience with you, I will read through any source materials and data you can provide. I may do further research before I interview subject experts to learn more. Only then do I start typing.

I’ve written articles for newspapers, magazines, newsletters and blogs on a wide variety of topics for diverse audiences. Much of the time, I am not the subject expert. I’m trained as a journalist. My expertise is in gathering information from multiple sources and writing informative and engaging content.

My experience as a reporter-photographer helps me tell your story. I tailor my writing to meet the wants and needs of your target audiences on the print and online platforms they use.